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The Slave Exchange

A Slave Fic Comm

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The Slave Exchange - A Slave Fic Challenge
This is the comm for a Fic Exchange/Mini Bang type of funness where slavery is the topic at hand. We run things a little different than your traditional big bang though.

The minimum word count will be 3000 words. Of course, you can write an epic 100K if you want to.

We work on a prompt and claim methodology. Authors and Artists have no need to sign up, they sign up when they claim a prompt.

We are open to any fandom. The rules are simply that slavery of some type must be the theme of the story and the art. As a consequence, we expect all stories to be PG13 and above.

On 8/22/15 a prompt post will go up. On that post anyone can leave a prompt (or several) in a specified format. Comments will be screened. The prompt post will be open until 9/12/15.

On 10/3/15 a claims post will go up with the master list of all prompts. Authors will claim their prompt on a first come, first served basis until they are gone or the round completed.

On 10/31/15 an artists claims post will go up with all of the prompts that were chosen by authors. Anyone who wants to create art of any kind for a story may claim a prompt.

All authors and artists will be notified of their matches and be encouraged to work together.

November 21st will be the check in date, where all artists & authors will be asked to post a brief update about the current state of their projects.

December 19th will be the date we begin posting.

What say you all?